Jessica F Holt

Queer artist who loves to paint dark art with a bright palette!


Hi my name’s Jessica, I’ve been creating gothic, horror and fantasy art for 5 years now. I love to create dark art with luminous color palettes. It makes my soul feel bright.

This past year I have been working on an oil painting series called The Nature of Death. It explores and engages in conversations around death positivity within our current global community, in the aim of creating more positive dialogues about a natural part of our lives, as well as incorporating discussions about humanity's relationship with nature.

With this platform I will be focusing on that series and my digital art in hope of building an inclusive community of people who also enjoy art which revels in being creepy, thought-provoking and beautifully disturbing.

Along with my art I will be writing blogs, sharing photos, time-lapse videos, process videos of my oil paintings and so much more.

With your help, we can create a more inclusive community for horror and dark art creators. The ultimate, ULTIMATE goal of mine is to create a community supported, inclusive art space for horror, gothic and fantasy artists. (Find out more in my intro video below:)

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My first pledge

Support my dreams of opening an inclusive art space for artists like me with the option to get a postcard in the mail or email with a personal thank you from me :)

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Access to weekly art shares like sketches, digital art prep, painting photos and art tips/tools for creating creepy, spooky &/or fantasy like art.

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Here you will receive weekly in depth chats about process as well as physical art gifts from my shop like acrylic/enamel pins, charms and small prints. which will rotate monthly.

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For the love of a Mortician

An original small oil painting on board. We can discuss weekly the theme of your new oil painting and work together to create something uniquely creepy for only you.

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